Welcome to Mamba’s documentation!

Welcome to Mamba’s documentation!#

Mamba is a fast, robust, and cross-platform package manager.

It runs on Windows, OS X and Linux (ARM64 and PPC64LE included) and is fully compatible with conda packages and supports most of conda’s commands.

The mamba-org organization hosts multiple Mamba flavors:

  • mamba: a Python-based CLI conceived as a drop-in replacement for conda, offering higher speed and more reliable environment solutions

  • micromamba: a pure C++-based CLI, self-contained in a single-file executable

  • libmamba: a C++ library exposing low-level and high-level APIs on top of which both mamba and micromamba are built


In this documentation, Mamba will refer to all flavors while flavor-specific details will mention mamba, micromamba or libmamba.


micromamba is especially well fitted for the CI use-case but not limited to that!

You can try Mamba now by visiting the installation for mamba or micromamba