Getting started with mamba

For new users

We strongly recommend to start from mambaforge, a community project of the conda-forge community. You can download mambaforge for Windows, macOS and Linux under this link. Mambaforge comes with the popular conda-forge channel preconfigured, but you can modify the configuration to use any channel you like.

After successful installation, you can use the mamba commands as described in How to Use.

For conda users

If you are already a conda users, very good! Using mamba will feel natural.

To get mamba, install it into the base environment from the conda-forge channel:

conda install mamba -n base -c conda-forge

There is little difference between using conda & mamba. You can swap almost all commands:

  • mamba install ...

  • mamba create -n ... -c ... ...

  • mamba list

The one difference is that you should still use conda for activation and deactivation.